Cookie Policy want to be as transparent as possible and ensure that you are well informed about how your privacy is handled when interacting with our site. If you have any questions, please do reach out to us at, and we’ll be delighted to help.

Cookies are small pieces of data that may be stored on your computer or mobile device. It allows our website to ‘remember’ your actions or your preferences in order to enhance your browsing experience. For example, this will help us remember what you’ve saved in your basket. Some services may use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and to save your personal preferences so you do not have to re-enter them each time you connect to our web site. You are always free to decline cookies, if your browser permits. You are also able to ask your browser to display a notification to you when a cookie is being sent and you can specifically choose to accept or decline to use this cookie. You can also delete all or individual cookie files from your computer at your discretion. This can generally be found in your browsers ‘Settings’ section. do not directly use cookies, but the services that are utilized on our website create . The types of cookies used on are broken into 3 categories, which are a mix of cookies created under the domain name of a service provider, e.g. YouTube, (aka 3rd party cookies) or under the domain name, e.g. Facebook, (aka 1st party cookies):

Functional – these cookies support the use of the website and services and enable certain features to enhance your experience. For example, we use functional cookies to remember the products stored in your basket, and what and what shipping country you have selected. Disabling some of these cookies will deactivate some of the functionality on our site.

Performance – these cookies provide information to to enable us to improve our website and identify problems that you faced while visiting us. For example, these cookies may provide us with information about how you came to our website and how you navigated around our site during your visit. We also use these cookies to provide us with certain statistical and analytics information, such as how many visitors came to our website or how effective our advertising is in aggregate form.

Targeting – these cookies provide with information on how to improve our products and services and serve you with advertisements that we believe will be relevant for you. We use targeting cookies across our websites and services for various marketing initiatives.

We don’t store any personally identifiable information such as your name or email address in cookies. Cookies are used in order to enhance your experience using our site, for example, they allow us to keep our website accurate, relevant to you, secure and up-to-date and help us identify errors and issues with our website layout and product offering.

Cookies enable to analyze user behavior on our website for the purposes of improving our offering, fix issues, and improve user experience. Working with specialist service providers, review information relating to visitor sessions and use this information to make decisions which improve the website experience. Sensitive personal data is not collected during this process, however data such as browser types, time on page, products selected and navigational flow for example is collected and analyzed in aggregate form.